Play, a Crucial (and Oft Forgotten) Spiritual Practice


Photo credit: Pixabay

Just as nature repeats itself, revisiting what it did a year before, so we often need to relearn things we thought we once knew. When we do this we often gain a slightly different perspective or find an insight roots itself a bit more deeply in our lives. That’s happened to me recently with the subject of play, which I’d like to revisit here. How does play affect us and why does it matter?

What Is Play Anyway?

Scientists of various stripes tell us that when children, whether human or nonhuman, play they are practicing roles they see adults “playing.” Continue reading “Play, a Crucial (and Oft Forgotten) Spiritual Practice”


Chaos, Dominion, Nature…and King Kong

A great ape teeters atop the tallest building in the world, raging against the world of humans. When the latter finally overcome him, they once again prove that they rule over brutish, out-of-control nature, and that King Kong isn’t really king after all.

That’s the old version. There’s a new Kong in town, and he offers us an alternative view of nature and dominion.

The King Kongs

In my view the old and newest versions of the story deal with alternative visions of nature, chaos and control. Continue reading “Chaos, Dominion, Nature…and King Kong”