Spirit, Rocks and Water: Joiners of Space and Time


Photo credit: Pixabay

Walking through the power line cut I glanced down and noticed a couple of stones. Sitting down among the newly leafed blackberries and grasses I took a few minutes to give them a closer look. When I did, I sensed these rocks had stories they wanted to tell me. Indeed they did.

Storytelling on the Plateau

I was sitting on a beach. Well, what had been a beach. Continue reading “Spirit, Rocks and Water: Joiners of Space and Time”


What Nature Has to Tell Us about Easter

Photo credit: Pixabay

When we explore nature, we divine hints of life, love, and resilience. No matter how hard we try to keep weeds out of a yard, they keep coming back. Trees sprout from stumps, fields return to forest. It seems like in many ways nature tells us that life is stronger than death, that life is resilient. Poets echo that refrain asserting that love is stronger than death.

Nature and Resilient Life

Nature has developed many mechanisms to ensure that life overcomes adversity. Continue reading “What Nature Has to Tell Us about Easter”