Why Climate Change Deniers Might Want to Act Like True Believers

Let’s assume for the moment you are a climate change denier. I think there are some strong reasons why you still might want to support policies intended to stem climate change. As such you might find you share a lot of common ground with people who do believe in it. And let’s face it – these days we can use all the common ground we can find.


We protect ourselves against all sorts of things, even when we think they’re not likely to happen. Continue reading “Why Climate Change Deniers Might Want to Act Like True Believers”


What We Think We Know and Healing a Fragmented World

Looking at our increasingly fractured, fragmented and wounded world, a world where we vilify one another and our environment, I can’t help but think that the problem lies in our increasingly being out of touch with our world and with ourselves. Our more and more urbanized and technologically embedded species has lost contact with the rest of creation that gave it birth and still gives it life, unheeded though it is. Similarly, many of us no longer speak to “those people,” while many report they do not experience God in their lives. Can these phenomena be related? Continue reading “What We Think We Know and Healing a Fragmented World”