Rage Against the Human Machine

Photo credits: Pixabay

This guest post is written by my friend and colleague, the Rev. Jerry Cappel.

I suspect most of us have spent a good bit of mental energy over the past year railing against the machine. The political machine that is. “Why doesn’t he/she get it? How can they possibly think that?” And so on. Upon what we rail against we place moral labels: sin, foolishness, greed, fear, willful ignorance, baseness, bigotry, brokenness, selfishness. We rail against it because in us there is a sense that “this should not be so.” We want to think such foolishness is not normal or germane to us as individuals or society. Only in these past few years have my eyes opened to the persistence of bigotry and prejudice. I now see that it is always just under the surface. It is never more than one generation away. We will never outgrow this. The Age of Aquarius is not going to dawn.

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The Spirituality of Detachment: Why People and Poplars Need to Let Go

img_20161031_135604764Photo credit: Gottfried

For many people autumn’s falling leaves remind them of the coming bleak winter and that all things have an end. Fall leaves remind them of death. Actually, however, falling leaves reveal that the trees are alive. Dead trees don’t drop their leaves.

People are like poplars. If we are alive, we let go. It’s the dead that hang on. Continue reading “The Spirituality of Detachment: Why People and Poplars Need to Let Go”