Does Anybody Really Know What Time it is? Does anybody really care

human group and clock

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The following is a guest post written by my friend and colleague, Jerry Cappel.

Have you heard of the term, “Body Burden”? It is a term that describes the impact of the accumulation of toxins in our bodies – the pollution that permeates everyone in the world. You carry a certain level of “body burden” just from the fact that you breathe air, walk on carpets, cross streets, eat food, drink water and have permeable skin.

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Music, the Economy, and the Environment – A Real Song and Dance

musicians with bystander

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I went to a street dance the other night looking forward to some vigorous exercise. When I got there, the band was playing away covering a lot of classic dance tunes. But everybody was sitting down. After a few attempts at dancing my wife and I left. Yet, just a few nights before I went to a concert where another group also played covers. Although it supposedly was playing a concert, the band had everybody up dancing and swaying to the music. Go figure. Nobody danced to the dance band but everyone got into it at a concert. As I reflect on this, I can’t help but ponder the relationships between the act of playing music, the nature of productive economies, and the environment. It seems to me that the answer to my question must have something to do with confusing productivity and efficiency, music and notes.

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