Could Contemplating Nature Be the Key to Protecting the Environment?

Photo credit: Robert Gottfried*

I remember the environmental educators at Guanacaste National Park in Costa Rica telling my class that their program for area school children hadn’t stemmed the poaching and burning in the Park. They had been teaching them about proper disposal of garbage, recycling, and other environmental topics. So, they switched to teaching them field biology, getting the children to wade in streams and touch frogs. Why? They said people only protect what they love. To love something, you have to know it. But what does “knowing” entail?

We have just finished the trial run of our intensive two-week residency portion of the Center for Religion and Environment’s program in Contemplation and Care for Creation. As the participants shared what the experience meant to them, what struck me was how much the time contemplating nature meant to them. Continue reading “Could Contemplating Nature Be the Key to Protecting the Environment?”