The Holy Spirit, Pentecost, and a New Heaven and Earth

Photo: Pixabay

God has big plans for the environment – and they include us. On the Jewish feast of Pentecost Christians believe that God’s Spirit came down upon Jesus’ followers to empower them to bring to fruition God’s ecological intervention. What does God have in mind and what does the Holy Spirit have to do with it?

On that Pentecost feast long ago the disciples experienced the coming of the Spirit as a strong wind and tongues of flame. This past Pentecost morning last Sunday I awoke to a strong wind that shook the house where I was visiting. Continue reading “The Holy Spirit, Pentecost, and a New Heaven and Earth”


The Spirituality of Playing in Nature


Photo: Pixabay

I love the image of a child bursting out of the house ready to play outside. It speaks to me of a joyful romp outdoors… and the great challenge this presents us.

Richard Louv’s Last Child in the Woods has gotten a lot of people talking about “nature deficit disorder,” the psychological impact on children who spend little time in nature. Many of us adults suffer, I think, from a “play deficit disorder.” Continue reading “The Spirituality of Playing in Nature”