Working Well, Good Work and the Environment


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I’m a person who likes to get things done. Before I go to bed I think of the things I’d like to do the next day, and when I wake up I consider what I’d like to accomplish that day and when. There’s nothing wrong with the pleasure of seeing the results of one’s efforts. But there’s another way I think is better. The difference between the two attitudes toward work shows up in our impacts on the environment.

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The Problem and Promise of Environment, Sustainability,…and People

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Georgia, Florida and Alabama just can’t agree on how to use the rivers that flow through all three states. Atlanta continues to grow at breakneck speed and wants the water for its growing population. Alabama and Florida farmers disagree, funny thing. And the fishermen and environmentally-concerned along Alabama’s coast object to the decreasing flows’ effects on their wetlands and, subsequently, on the productivity of their fisheries. Unfortunately, the water flows one way…and the three states can’t agree. So, the US Supreme Court now has to decide on who gets what. Why can’t people just get along?

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So, What’s God Doing in Your Life? Help from a Flower and a Toad

Photo of Spring Beauty, Sweet Betsy trillium, and Bluebells: Yolande Gottfried

Sometimes when I’m talking with someone I know is religious, I’ll ask them what God has been doing in their lives recently. Not infrequently I get a blank look in response. The idea that God might be affecting their everyday lives in discernible ways is a foreign idea. It’s certainly true that our culture doesn’t encourage us to expect God to be active in the world and to see God’s hand at work. But what if God is interacting with us and we just don’t know it? How can we wake up?*

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