Environmental Destruction, Technology, and the Season of Lent

sheet-of-ice-53913__180On a spring day in Minnesota I walked down to the lake to watch and to listen as I usually did at lunchtime. Then I heard it – the ice-bound lake groaning as the spring sun reached it for the first time. This memory speaks to me of a quandary we face today – although many of us want to live light on the earth, almost anything we do contributes to its destruction. I think the season of Lent offers us some hope

Economists call this condition “technological lock-in” while theologians call it “institutionalized sin” or “structures of sin.” Continue reading “Environmental Destruction, Technology, and the Season of Lent”


The Ripple Effects of an Environmental Lent


Photo: Robert Gottfried

For many Christians Lent, a period of preparation for remembering the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, is a time when we strive to identify and change those attitudes and behaviors that limit God’s light in our lives. During this time we stress fasting, almsgiving and service as ways to further this process. One way to grow this Lent, whatever our religious persuasion, would be to broaden our focus. What about an environmental Lent?

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It’s Time to Rethink our Dominion Over Nature

Photo: Pixabay

“The great thing about humans is that we get to do whatever we want – we get to lord it over nature. After all, God gave us dominion, right?“ Well, maybe yes and maybe no. It turns out that God’s idea of kingship and ours differ radically from one another. I believe that this difference in understanding lies at the heart of the environmental crises we face today. Continue reading “It’s Time to Rethink our Dominion Over Nature”